Swim-1st Adult Tri Club Membership


We are very proud that our club is not for profit, all money is invested back into the club, ensuring the members always come first.

Annual Fee

Our annual membership to join the club is £30 and runs from 1st March to 28th February every year. This is payable on all membership options and covers the club's insurance and Triathlon England affiliation.

Full Membership

Full Membership offers all sessions for a fixed monthly fee, including all of the excellent coaching and facilities for every session. The more sessions you can attend, the better the value becomes!
We operate a monthly fee of £25 by standing order which includes all club training sessions.

Joint Membership

Joint Membership is available to two people living at the same address. It costs £40 a month (plus £60 yearly annual fee) and includes all of our sessions in that price. This membership is designed to encourage another member in the family who would like to come along and enjoy all the benefits of the club.

Student Membership

Student Membership is available to anyone between the ages of 16-21 who is still in full-time education. This costs just £10 a month with no annual fee and again includes all of our sessions. This membership is designed to encourage the younger age group into the club and breathe new life through the sport.

Associate Membership

To save the family and friends of a Full Member being left at home while they are off enjoying all their excellent training, we offer a limited number Associate Memberships for those who want to be involved, but may struggle to attend each week and cannot reap the great value offered by Full Membership. An Associate Member is nominated by a Full Member and once approved (and paid the annual £30 fee) can buy prepaid books of tickets at £40 for 5 sessions which expire after 6 months. This gives great flexibility as you can pick and choose which sessions you attend.


As a Swim-1st Tri Club member you will qualify for an £11 discount off the Triathlon England membership which gives you worldwide personal accident cover etc, saves you day membership fees off race entries and more. For further details visit their website www.britishtriathlon.org. When you book in for your triathlons please be sure to compete under the Swim-1st Tri Club name and also let us know so we can adapt your training needs.

Take advantage of the FREE 3 SESSION trial,....3 training sessions to get to know the club, coaches and fellow triathletes. Email us to get started info@swim-1sttriclub.com

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